Address from General Manager


Address to the Staff by Gao Lun, General Manager


All staff and workers:

After years of efforts, Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. has developed continuously, this owe to the hard work of employees worked on each guard. There would be no Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. has today without the mutual efforts and devotion of all staff and workers.


Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical (Tangshan) Co., Ltd.'s tenet is "Cherish the life, Care about the health".


Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical (Tangshan) Co., Ltd.'s quality policy is "Improve continuosly, Produce high quality products, Increase Clients' satisfactory".


Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical (Tangshan) Co., Ltd.'s goal is building our company as an international hi-tech enterprise with the core of bio-fermentation technique, mainly focus on characteristic chemical APIs and also give attention to relative area.


Our company is a youthful and new-type modernized pharmaceutical company. Large scale business, specialized production and standardized management made our company establish a good corporate image and won high reputation among over craft brothers and clients, and maintained good momentum of development with high quality, high speed and high efficiency. All the times, our company follow the enterprise culture and value perspective of "innovation, value, confidence and cooperation". This enterprise culture centralizes all staff and workers solidarity and cooperation and follows the mass lines. On this platform, your intelligence and ingenuity can be made good use of. But persons without conscientiousness and team cooperation will threw away a chance to make progress, and this is our basic requirement for employees.


Perhaps you had glorious history and outstanding reputation in the past, but since you join the company, all the position you received before was disappeared, you have to begin from zero. Without fundamental experience, no one will be promoted as the senior leader in our company. Please drop the imagination of growing in one night, and let's learn the sureness like Japanese, the preciseness like Germany. Please pay all your attention to the job what you are doing, through which you can master the skill quickly, increase your efficiency and get success. Getting down and meticulosity is the spirit o f the company advocated all the time. Past has been a history, I hope you can capitalize the present time and grasp the future opportunity. And we will promote some persons of efficiency comes from diligence, success depends on forethought, with true capacity of management and academic level as supervisor.


Practice will improve you, also bring you to success. It will verify your business and your knowledge capability. You will make progress through the shortcoming exposed. If you don't know how to criticize and self-criticize, you will not make progress.


Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. is a modern High-Tech enterprises, but joining the company is not equivalent to high salary. For new comers, because of no performance, the salary is not high, the development platform is relative lower, and the promotion speed is not fast as you expect, which we are sorry for that. The income will be decided upon your responsibility and contribution. When you can make a little contribution to the company, as return, the company will provide you with a ladder of success. If you are good at learning and collaborating with others, better have sense of study and innovation, I am sure you will succeed quickly.


When first joined the company, you may feel the company does not match up to your expectations, and does not fair as your expectations. Absolute fair is impossible, and there is not a completely satisfactory system. But for the person who work hard, opportunity is always equivalent. We will provide every person a equal stage. Once you work hard, you will realize the value someday. We believe a man's fortune is in his own hand, evaluation might have some warp, but black and white is not possible to be mixed. Both the behavior getting out of setback and mentality of facing trouble is the criterion of selecting a supervisor, I hope you can face it in a right way.


The regulation and management might have something unreasonable, which we are trying our best to improve it until perfect. But before modification, you must obey and abide it. You have to respect your current leader, even if you have good capability and you might be more successful him, otherwise your employees will follow you. It is quite common the new generation will exceed the previous.


Your development here is depending on your technique and contribution, but also relate to your moral character. Those unethical person is not welcomed even if you have good capability. The company have a detailed plan to organize different education and training courses, hope such plan will help you to upgrade yourself. You should make good use of this platform, which is not only your footstep into the future, but also a stage of showing yourself. Work hard to master various skills and management concept, which can go with you for life. Besides, we hope you can be bold in making innovations, make a plan to reading and studying during your spare time, after all what we provided falls far short of the speed of development of modern information. Hope you can challenge yourself continuously while doing your work.


The company is developing quickly, which need more management and technical directors. We hope you can keep studying the advanced technology and management experience at home and abroad , and we also hope you can be devoted to the growth of the company, and keep on growing through the working. Let's cooperate and create Shengxue Dacheng together.

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